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>Amazon S3 + jungledisk + AMD automounter on Mandriva 2009.0

>Bottom line: on Mandriva 2009.0, use AMD automounter + those corrective instructions to automount jungledisk

I use Amazon S3 for remote storage of backups. A very simple and cost-effective way to do so is through Jungle Disk (there exists open source solutions, but they are not as practical and painless as Jungle Disk, which is has a very low price anyway). Previously, I was using autofs to automount my S3 buckets at backup time, but it stopped working, I don’t know why. I’ve tried different settings, but to no avail. Then I learned about AMD. I installed the Mandriva am-utils package, but there were problems. I resumed the problems and the solution I found in an existing Mandriva bug entry.

My /etc/amd.conf:

# GLOBAL OPTIONS SECTION[ global ]normalize_hostnames =   noprint_pid =             yespid_file =              /var/run/amd.pidrestart_mounts =        yesauto_dir =              /.automount#log_file =             /var/log/amdlog_file =              sysloglog_options =           all#debug_options =        allplock =                 noselectors_on_default =  yesprint_version =         no# set map_type to "nis" for NIS maps, or comment it out to search for all# typesmap_type =              file#mount_type =           autofssearch_path =           /etcbrowsable_dirs =        yesshow_statfs_entries =   nofully_qualified_hosts = nocache_duration =        300

# DEFINE AN AMD MOUNT POINT[ /net ]map_name =              amd.netmap_type =              file

[ /s3 ]map_name =              amd.s3map_type =              file

My /etc/amd.s3:

/defaults type:=program;fs:=${autodir}${path}* mount:="/usr/local/bin/jungledisk jungledisk ${fs} -o config=/root/.jungledisk/jungledisk-settings.xml"

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